Artificial intelligence is no longer on the horizon. It is already here and about to disrupt your industry.

Silverpond’s one-day AI workshop is designed to educate, empower and inspire business leaders, management and executives to make proactive decisions about how AI can support your organisation.  

The workshop provides an introduction to AI concepts, with a focus on the industry developments and case studies relevant to you. Attendees will walk out with an understanding of how AI can apply to their work, the tools to get started, and potential project ideas.



  • Understand AI applications, and why leading organisations are using it to optimise their businesses 

  • Understand the current state of AI in Australia

  • Learn about industry-relevant case studies

  • Ideate on problems and solutions that AI could address in your organisation

  • Create an AI road map, setting out the next steps to support your organisation through AI in a cost-effective manner

Who is this workshop for?

  • Business leaders who want to understand how to capitalise on large data sets to solve problems creatively, save time and money, and optimise their organisation

  • Those who manage and lead teams in STEM, particularly Data and Technology

For individual programmers and engineers looking to build their deep learning technical skills, please see our Technical Workshop. The Managers workshop is more focused on high-level business applications, opportunities, and supporting technical teams.


Course Structure

Part 1: Know (3.5 hours)

Fundamentals, Limitations, AND Best Practice

The first half of the workshop will be conducted in an interactive seminar style. Participants will be free to ask questions throughout.

  • What is AI vs. ML vs Deep Learning

  • Industry applications

  • Capabilities in local ecosystem

  • Limitations and ethical usage

  • Management best practices

  • Technology requirements

Part 2: Map (3.5 hours)

Let's put this into action

In part two, a key group of five or less is paired with an industry expert and machine learning engineer. We ideate about your organisation's opportunities, and produce a road map to guide you to your first project. 

  • Identify your organisation's opportunities,

  • Workshop ideas with experts and peers

  • AI canvas and roadmap



For customers wishing to engage Silverpond's consultancy service, client discounts are available

Custom full-team training opportunities are also available.