Learn practical techniques for your Deep Learning projects from experts in working in industry on real world problems 


Venture into deep learning with this 2-day workshop that will take you from the mathematical and theoretical foundations to building models and neural networks in TensorFlow. You will apply as you learn, working on exercises throughout the workshop. To enhance learning, a second day is dedicated to applying your new skills in team project work. 

This hands-on workshop is ideal for both data science and programming professionals, who are interested in learning the basics of deep learning and embarking on their first project.

Outcomes Include

  • An intuitive understanding of the components of machine learning systems
  • Experience building neural networks in TensorFlow and TFLearn
  • Clear understanding of convolutions and representation learning
  • Experimenting with a model that learns representations of words
  • Practical real-world model development in TensorFlow

Course Structure

Day 1

Fundamentals, Convolutions, Embeddings, Exercises

The first day will see us learn as a group, working through exercises and building up a solid base of knowledge around deep learning.

We will cover key concepts in the field and introduce them with examples

Day 2

Group projects

The second day will see us consolidate our knowledge by working in small groups on complete projects. A few project options will be provided across image processing, natural language processing (NLP), and generative models.

This day will build real-world experience in deep learning model development.

    The Trainers



    Lyndon can code his way out of a wet paper bag, and has done so in the past. A polyglot from Perth, he is knee-deep in FP with a background in OO.



    A maths master and quantum-computing connoisseur, Noon loves learning new things and talking to people. He dreams of being in a hip-hop dance crew and can break out a mean entanglement ‘n’ superposition move on the way to lunch.



    Josh is now in his Bachelor of Robotics and Mechatronics at Swinburne University, he wrapped up a three month machine learning internship with the team here at Silverpond and has now joined the team for the long haul!



    Andy is a hacker extraordinaire. He is involved in many aspects of the wider technology community and is bringing his wealth of experience to Machine Learning as a member of the Silverpond team. He has been heavily involved in workshops for people to build their own to scale self driving vehicles.